Our Customer Stories

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As we are a relatively young saddlery company ( we’ve been around since 2000), a  question we often get asked is who is riding in our saddles.  Well we like to think you would be surprised !  Our customer base includes well known National and International level Riders, Producers, Judges, Trainers, Chiropractors, Physios, Bowen and Equine Touch practitioners.  However the majority of our customers ( who at the time I wrote this numbered over 5,000) are just happy hackers and low level competitors herunterladen. They and their horses and Ponies also deserve the best, the perfect saddle  for them that can be adjusted as their horse grows. So they can always be comfortable and they can reach their potential, their saddle will aid not hinder them in whatever they choose to do download animations from web pages.

These are their stories…. Please Scroll down ….

Maria Mercedes Alvarez Ponton & Nobby, Record Breaking Endurance Team Small image

Maria Mercedes Alvarez Ponton & Nobby, Record Breaking Endurance Team

Twice World, Twice European Endurance Champion
In 2006 Dean fitted a saddle for a Spanish Endurance rider and her 11 year old Arabian Horse Nobby with a ReactorPanel Classic Endurance Saddle. Little did he know at the time that they would be destined for the record books, the only horse and rider to hold the World and European titles simultaneously... and do it twice.
Nicki Thorne and Saddles for an International Endurance Rider Small image

Nicki Thorne and Saddles for an International Endurance Rider

It was a very windy, cold and damp evening in October 2010 that Dean and I first met Nicki. It was getting dark and as we fitted a saddle to Nicki's very sweet ( and a bit nervous) little arab gelding I was cursing the traffic that had held us up. Despite the dusk and the weather Mango went well and Nicki bought her first ReactorPanel saddle.... Little did either of us know where that first endurance saddle fit would lead ... Read More ....
Lucinda McAlpine and a Saddle for a Natural Horsewoman Small image

Lucinda McAlpine and a Saddle for a Natural Horsewoman

International Dressage Rider & Expert in Natural Horse Management
One of the countries leading experts in Natural horse Management Lucinda has been a friend and customer for over 10 years. She once told me that if she found a saddle that worked better for her horses and her way of training them she would use it . I'm pleased to say that during this time despite being offered a number to try by other companies she hasn't .... read more....
Kate and Rachel Atkinson , Endurance Saddles and British Teams! Small image

Kate and Rachel Atkinson , Endurance Saddles and British Teams!

British Endurance Team Members and Team Coach
" Whatever the distance, whatever the speed, whatever the terrain I've never has a horse with a sore back" Rachel Atkinson, British Endurance Team Coach... Read more about Rachel and her daughter Kate......
Dorthe Christensen, Carpe Diem & a Saddle for the undefeated Danish Endurance Champion Small image

Dorthe Christensen, Carpe Diem & a Saddle for the undefeated Danish Endurance Champion

Three Danish Endurance Champion,  2013, 2014 & 2015
Last year I needed to find a new saddle because my old saddle made my poor horse´s back ache. In Danish we say that “good advice is expensive”. Which one should I choose?... read More from Dorthe ...
Gemma, Izzy and Horseboarding Small image

Gemma, Izzy and Horseboarding

The last time we visited our customers Gemma Morriss and Izzy the colored Cob we were surprised to find they had taken up Horseboarding, a new sport which looks like great fun....Read More...
Catriona Moon and saddles for Endurance Horses Small image

Catriona Moon and saddles for Endurance Horses

British Team Endurance Member & Equine Vet
Catriona has been riding all her life with support of proud Mum Jackie running her crew and has been competing in Endurance for over 20 years.
Clare Gangadeen and saddles for two Friesian Horses Small image

Clare Gangadeen and saddles for two Friesian Horses

Clare, the Founder of RiderCise®, is a qualified, registered and insured Personal Trainer, Functional Coach and Soft Tissue Therapist with over 12 years in the fitness industry and 20 years experience with horses. She lives in Newbury, Berkshire and own's two 8 year old Friesian mares, Annick - 2nd Premier Star Mare and Rana - 3rd Premier mare. The 'Girls' are her world!.... Read more....
Kate Curry, Doyenne and a saddle for an Endurance Horse

Kate Curry, Doyenne and a saddle for an Endurance Horse

3 times South East Champion Endurance Horse 
"I’ve been doing Endurance since the late 1980’s, and competing with Doyenne since 2005. I own a ReactorPanel Summit VSD, which suits both me and Doyenne – she has now completed 5600km with EGB, won the South East Champion Horse trophy three times and was 13th in the country in 2013... more about Kate..

Caitlin, Flash and a saddle for a Trec Pony

" I have been a member of the GBR TREC Young Riders Team since I was 16. I have competed at five European and World Championships, placing twice as an individual in the top ten. 4th in Paris in 2017 and 7th in Rome in 2018. This season I was the Level 4 League Champion and received an award for the highest placed international rider. I have competed with Flash, a Dales Pony across Europe. With his increasing fitness and changing shape throughout the years, I have struggled with a saddle that will not only do the 50km distance of the first day, but allow us to comfortably jump up to 1m on the second day.... read more...
Alexandra Tolstoy & Saddles for Akhal Teke Small image

Alexandra Tolstoy & Saddles for Akhal Teke

Broadcaster & Travel Writer
In 2004, along with her husband, Alexandra embarked upon the 2,700 mile journey from Turkmenistan to Moscow, retracing an expedition undertaken by twenty-eight Turkmen riders in 1935, who took 84 days to cover the distance. Dean and Saddle Exchange provided her saddles....
Sandie Bregnager Kjær and Healthy Horse Small image

Sandie Bregnager Kjær and Healthy Horse

Saddle Exchange are proud to be associated with Healthy Horse.
Saddle Exchange are proud to be associated with Healthy Horse, Helping Sandie and her clients to find well fitting saddles to assist with the rehab of horses and Ponies in her care. .... Read more about Sandie.....
Jes Anderson and saddles for very large horses.

Jes Anderson and saddles for very large horses.

Danish Eventer and Endurance Rider
Danish Eventer and Endurance Rider Jes has broken more saddle trees than anyone we know so when we were looking for someone to test our trees he was the obvious choice.... more about Jes

Sue Buckley and saddles for A Bowen Therapist and Endurance rider Small image

Sue Buckley and saddles for A Bowen Therapist and Endurance rider

High Level Endurance Rider, Bowen Therapist and Animal Osteopath
Bowen Therapist and Animal Osteopath, Sue Buckley has been doing Endurance since the early 1990's and been a customer since at least 2004.She has rehabilitated 6 horses over the years under ReactorPanel saddles, who all came with problems to some degree or another and has had 3 saddles individually made especially for her . .. Read more About Sue ....
Christine Yeoman and saddles for a decade of Endurance Rider at the Highest Level Small image

Christine Yeoman and saddles for a decade of Endurance Rider at the Highest Level

British Endurance Team Member
Christine Yeoman has been a customer of ours since 2002 and has been a British Endurance Team member for at least the last 7 years, the top British finisher in the last two world Equestrian Games.
Felicity Wilson

Felicity Wilson

Felicity is a Riding and Natural Horsemanship instructor, a Championship Show judge, Equine Touch and Flow with Instructor. .Read more about Felicity...
Sabrina Arnold Small image

Sabrina Arnold

German Endurance Team Member
We first met Sabrina and Beau Ox in Stuttgart 3 weeks before the 2010 WEG, Sabrina came 17th, the Top German finisher in that ride and later in second place and best condition in the European Championships in Florac 2011.... 40 seconds behind Maria.....more about Sabrina...
Ali, Ellis and Saddles For a Welsh Section D

Ali, Ellis and Saddles For a Welsh Section D

Ali and Ellis enjoy Endurance and Cross Country
Just wanted to send you a wee note to say how delighted I am with my new cross functional saddle – you got it absolutely spot on spec wise and it has made a massive difference to both Ellis & I’s comfort. I am finding the deer skin seat so secure for those Welsh moments! & the reverse deerskin, extra padded knee rolls are so so soft and comfortable over longer distances.... Read More...
Morven Walker, Jazz and a saddle for a Young Endurance Rider Small image

Morven Walker, Jazz and a saddle for a Young Endurance Rider

SERC Under 21 Young Rider
We first met Scottish Endurance Youth Team member, Morven and mum Jaqueline one snowy night, North of Perth, Highlands of Scotland. She had just bought a young arab mare for endurance and wanted to try a ReactorPanel saddle.... Read more about Morven ......
Vibeke Lonskov and saddles for Remedial Horses Small image

Vibeke Lonskov and saddles for Remedial Horses

We are proud to work together with Vibeke in assisting injured horses 
We are proud to work with Vibeke in helping injured horses back into work by providing them with a correctly fitting and appropriate saddle for their rehabilitation and ongoing work.
We also highly recommend Vibeke's work to anyone with a horse with pelvic or lameness issues, here's a bit of information about how Vibeke can help...

Rebecca Harris Equine Behaviourist Small image

Rebecca Harris Equine Behaviourist

Rebecca is a professional Horse Trainer and Equine Behaviourist, she also competes at Trec when she has the time and was the top British,Junior rider in the Trec European Championship in Austria and was selected to represent Great Britain in World Championships in 2012....More about Rebecca..
Sarah Fisher,Tellington Touch & Saddles for all types and disaplines Small image

Sarah Fisher,Tellington Touch & Saddles for all types and disaplines

Equine Behaviourist
Sarah has been a customer of ours for many years,trained with Linda Tellington Jones and Robyn Hood and is the UK's highest qualified Equine and Companion Animal Instructor....
Maj-Britt Carter Small image

Maj-Britt Carter

Monty Roberts Certified Instructor
Maj-Britt was appointed the very first certified Monty Roberts instructor in Scandinavia in 2004. She holds weekend courses in groundwork and riding of horses. Riding in Both Comfort and ReactorPanel ® saddles on her own horses,she recommends them her clients and is one of our product testers, helping us design a specialised saddle for riders of Iceloandic Horses, we are also in progress of designing her own bridle and a Shetland Pony pad.
Pedro Neves Small image

Pedro Neves

Portuguese Working Equitation Team
Pedro is one of Portugal's up and coming riders and trained by some of the best Portuguese Masters. He is a member of the Portuguese Traditional Equitation School whose aim is to work in harmony with the horse.