Why Do We Use Sorbothane ®?

Sorbothane® Shock and Vibration Solutions:

ReactorPanel Discs

Reactorpanel Sorbothane discs

Sorbothaneis recognized worldwide as the ultimate material for attenuating shock, isolating vibration and damping noise wo kann man nintendo ds spiele kostenlos downloaden. No synthetic rubber or polymer can dissipate energy as effectively. Sorbothane® is a highly damped, visco-elastic polymeric solid that flows like a liquid under load 276 u. Since its introduction in 1982, Sorbothane® has been used in many energy absorbing product applications. Its unique properties allow Sorbothane® to absorb shock and recover to its original shape for thousands of cycles firefox mac.

Sorbothane combines shock absorption. good memory. vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics spotify songs herunterladen iphone. In addition, Sorbothane is a very effective acoustic damper and absorber. While a wide range of materials exhibit one of these characteristics. Combining them all in a stable material with a long fatigue life Download English books for free.

  • Sorbothane is designed to absorb energy – it converts friction to heat and disperses it.
  • Sorbothane has a low creep rate compared to other polymers (rubber, neoprene, silicone etc.)
  • Sorbothane has a superior damping coefficient, over a wide temperature range compared to any other polymer amazon prime musiken mp3.
  • Unlike fluid based shock absorbers or foam products Sorbothane absorbs shock for millions of cycles


Note that Sorbothane is used in a range of proprietry sports and medical products including shock absorbing insoles bibi blocksberg kostenlos downloaden.

So for application in a saddle…….

ReactorPanel Saddles' flexible panels and shock-absorbing discs follow the changing contours of the back in motion

ReactorPanel Saddles’ flexible panels and shock-absorbing discs follow the changing contours of the back in motion

The Sorbothane® discs that attach the panels to your saddle act as shock absorbers; these absorb the vibration and impact through riding while recovering at the optimum rate so that the shock is not transferred back to the rider or horse but also recovers quickly enough to absorb the vibration from the next impact kodi downloaden op smart tv. Therefore a close, stable connection can be achieved even on the biggest moving horses. Our customers who previously experienced back and knee pain when riding often have found that it improves or completely disappears when riding in a well fitted ReactorPanel saddle herunterladen.

The discs also take out the concussion from the rider movement in the seat therefore alleviating any jarring from the horses back Download bubble witch 3 saga for free.

Combined with our patent, flexible, large load bearing panels the weight of the saddle and rider is to displace as kindly as possible across the horses back, giving very low pressure per square inch.


In this Video Dean Talks about the Panels and discs and sets up the saddle.

For more of our videos please see our YouTube Channel, Saddle Exchange TV

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