The ReactorPanel Western Saddle

£2,495.00£4,500.00 (Inc. VAT)

Our 3rd Generation ReactorPanel western Saddle,  We can now provide Western riders with a custom hand made and hand cut Western ReactorPanel saddle made to the exact specification of the customer in various styles built on an individually made wooden tree… Please scroll down for full description…


The following options are available at an additional cost:

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ReactorPanel Western, Under Cut Swell Fork, Centre Fire Rigged ,Barrel Racer made in Dark Brown Leather.

ReactorPanel Western, Under Cut Swell Fork, Centre Fire Rigged ,Barrel Racer made in Dark Brown Leather.

Our 3rd Generation, ReactorPanel Western Saddle mydrive. For more information on this unique and amazing saddle system, manufactured for us in the Walsall, England since 2000 please see our ReactorPanel Saddles Information page der grüffelo film download kostenlos.

Unlike our other saddles the ReactorPanel Western is made to customer specifications due to the wide rang of saddle styles available in Western Saddles, although we do have a demo saddle available kostenlos texture packs für minecraften. ReactorPanel saddles are highly adjustable ,the tree however still needs to be the correct width, Hence Very Narrow Horses or Very Wide horses may need a special width tree and although we can ensure your Western Saddle will always fit the horse it was intended for therefore we do not guarantee your ReactorPanel Western will be able to be fitted to another horse due to the nature of the tree herunterladen. We are happy to advise you either on email or over the phone and will usually requires photographs. Please see out information page Placing an Order or Booking a Saddle Fit for more information drivers guide error when downloading.

Western Saddles are priced per customer order depending on their requirements, Prices start at £3,000.

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