Our Product Testers

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After they have the approval of our selves and more importantly our horses the products are then passed on to our human testers.

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Lucinda McAlpine and a Saddle for a Natural Horsewoman Small image

Lucinda McAlpine and a Saddle for a Natural Horsewoman

International Dressage Rider & Expert in Natural Horse Management
Lucinda is one of the countries leading experts in Natural Horse Management and an Advanced Dressage Rider. Lucinda has been a customer of ours for over 10 years and was instrumental in designing the Lucinda McAlpine ReactorPanel® Dressage Saddle, bridle and reins.

Training her horses and the horses of her customers to the highest level, Lucinda demands a saddle that allows for freedom of expression and movement from the horse, describing her saddle as a " advanced riding apparatus, not a saddle".

She also recently tested the new upgraded ReactorPanel® discs for us.
Catriona Moon and saddles for Endurance Horses Small image

Catriona Moon and saddles for Endurance Horses

British Team Endurance Member & Equine Vet
Trina and Mum Jackie are very helpful when it comes to trying new products. At present we are in the process of designing a new Endurance saddle for her.
Jes Anderson and saddles for very large horses.

Jes Anderson and saddles for very large horses.

Danish Eventer and Endurance Rider
Jes in Invaluable as a tree tester, having broken more trees than anyone we know. Thank you Jes for you valuable input and trialing of the 3rd Generation Lighter weight Trees.
Sue Buckley and saddles for A Bowen Therapist and Endurance rider Small image

Sue Buckley and saddles for A Bowen Therapist and Endurance rider

High Level Endurance Rider, Bowen Therapist and Animal Osteopath
Bowen Therapist and Animal Osteopath, Sue Buckley has been doing Endurance since the early 1990's and been a customer since at least 2004.She has rehabilitated 6 horses over the years under ReactorPanel saddles, who all came with problems to some degree or another and has had 3 saddles individually made especially for her .
Christine Yeoman and saddles for a decade of Endurance Rider at the Highest Level Small image

Christine Yeoman and saddles for a decade of Endurance Rider at the Highest Level

British Endurance Team Member
Christine Yeoman, British Endurance Team member assisted us in the design of the ReactorPanel®, Christine Yeoman Endurance Saddle, she was also instrumental in designing the weight system for FEI riders now available for all ReactorPanel® saddles and the Comfort extra soft Stirrup leathers. Chris also helped us hugely in the design of the Comfort endurance Kit in particular the Clip To Poll Bridle, she rode in our prototype bridles, reins and breastplates for Cirencester park, Barbery castle and the European Championships in Florac 2011.

she also recently tested the new, upgraded ReactorPanel® discs for us and is currently testing the new Comfort Endurance Bridle for use with Combination bits. There is also talk of a traditional Christine Yeoman Endurance saddle... watch this space.
Vibeke Lonskov and saddles for Remedial Horses Small image

Vibeke Lonskov and saddles for Remedial Horses

We are proud to work together with Vibeke in assisting injured horses 
With Vibeke's vast experience with working with Remedial Horses and her knowledge of the horse's body her input is very valuable when testing new products. (:
Rebecca Harris Equine Behaviourist Small image

Rebecca Harris Equine Behaviourist

Rebecca has helped us test lots of products in the past and was particular influential in test riding the Pony Saddle Company range of Saddles and the new 3rd Generation ReactorPanel up graded Discs.
Maj-Britt Carter Small image

Maj-Britt Carter

Monty Roberts Certified Instructor
Maj-Britt is The First Monty Roberts Accredited Trainers for Denmark. A customer of ours for around 8 years she is at present designing a Natural Horsemanship Bridle, Shetland Pony Pad and the New Comfort Elite,Maj-Britt Carter Icelandic, Mono-Flap Saddle for launch at The Hest & Rytter Show In Herrning 2012.
Pedro Neves Small image

Pedro Neves

Portuguese Working Equitation Team
The input of Classical Master Pedro was extremely important during the design of the Comfort Elite Iberian Saddle, the original design being improved on 3 occasions to suit his requirements. He even provided the hardware direct from Portugal for the original Prototype.